It seems that the previous attempt to change the URL settings might have been flawed, as the change didn’t go smoothly. Therefore, I’m considering starting anew.

While it’s possible to force the change, I believe it’s safer to start fresh rather than risk any lingering issues from the previous setup, especially since all the articles have been deleted.

As for the operational experience of running an English site, I honestly can’t say much based on just testing three articles.




“I’m currently creating a website with this kind of atmosphere. I’m also taking photos like this.”

Feeling that it’s just right to show it at the level of a business card, I think I’ll continue with the same approach.

In Japan, many blogs are geared towards generating page views, so ease of use is often prioritized. This means that there isn’t much room for visual creativity. Both GGNB and IMAZINE were structured with usability in mind (even though they’re not being updated, they’re easy to use, but there’s no content to use them for). However, with the new project, I’m thinking of experimenting a bit more with a portfolio-like approach.

But, more importantly, I need to write articles. However, until I proceed with the URL change, there are parts that will end up being duplicated unnecessarily, so I’ll prioritize launching and maintenance for a while. Thank you for your understanding.






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