While the timing remains uncertain, I plan to completely overhaul this blog sometime soon. This decision isn’t about transferring ownership or abandoning it; rather, it’s because simply having this blog results in incurring server and domain fees, akin to online property taxes.

I have some new experiments I’d like to try out, and I’m considering utilizing this blog space for that purpose. However, the name ‘GoGoNooB’ was intentionally chosen to be cheesy, which doesn’t align well with the new direction. If I can’t modify it effectively, I might delete it and start afresh. Yet, starting from scratch is quite a hassle, so ideally, I’d like to renovate this existing space.

Reflecting on why I haven’t been updating this blog, it’s because I used to approach it with the intention of doing something. For instance, I embarked on ventures such as traveling around Japan without staying in hotels or buying heaps of devices and gadgets, all with the intent of writing about them. I did take action.

However, I never published these experiences as articles. The reason being, I found satisfaction in the execution phase itself, and my interest waned once the action was completed.

From a professional standpoint, I could find passion in documenting these experiences, but it seems I can’t view blogging as work. This realization dawned on me during the long periods of neglect. It’s something beyond my control.

So, why embark on something new suddenly? It’s because the idea of doing something just to write about it isn’t enjoyable for me. However, if I approach it from the perspective of sharing what I enjoy doing spontaneously, then perhaps I can update the blog with enthusiasm.

This endeavor will also involve a similar change in stance for my other ongoing blog. Now, how will I differentiate this GGNB blog? It will serve as a platform for experimenting with the power of AI. One of these experiments involves attempting to write the entire blog in English. Since I can’t speak English myself, I’ll leave the translation to artificial intelligence. Content-wise, I intend to keep it similar to the ongoing IMAZINE blog, catering to a Japanese audience, while the name for this old GGNB blog in a foreign language is yet to be decided.

While there isn’t a specific purpose driving these actions, I refrain from disclosing my activities on social media in real life. It’s not because I’m sharing anything problematic; rather, there’s no benefit in doing so, and prioritizing comfort over unnecessary exposure is my stance. However, social media thrives on connections, which doesn’t align well with someone like me who isn’t keen on forging connections.

Lately, I’ve been meeting new people more frequently, and I find that explaining what I do in a straightforward manner is best done through a blog. However, I’m hesitant to expose newcomers to the candid content of my Japanese blog. Hence, I thought having an all-English blog would convey the gist of my activities through photos and a few words, without overwhelming them.

For those truly enthusiastic individuals, I anticipate they might delve deeper into the content by researching what’s written. In that case, I’ll be ready to welcome them with open arms.

So, while expanding this space into another blog’s English version, I also plan to make it a blog I can casually share as a virtual business card with new acquaintances. Wait, you didn’t ask for that?

It’s alright. Probably less than 1% of the blogs out there are writing content people actually want. Most review blogs are frankly useless, and specialized blogs actually offering useful real-life information probably constitute less than 1%. I feel like the other 99% are just cluttering search results and would be better off not existing. Have the review blogs you relied on six months ago continued to be useful? I doubt it. The percentage of usefulness is likely very low. As a minority boy myself, it’s probably even lower.

So, whether I write content that’s anticipated or not, stressing over whether there’s a demand for what I’m doing only increases stress. Hence, I simply want to experiment with various things as a platform for experimentation in this day and age.

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Please share and follow. Thank you.