Ever since Nikon released the Zf, it’s like a roadmap has been inadvertently constructed in my mind, assuming that someday I’ll buy the Zf, and old lenses have become my obsession. However, I only have the Z8, which is my first interchangeable lens camera. I used to think that the combination of the Z8 and old lenses was somehow mismatched, but the more I use it, the more I feel that apart from its size and weight, it’s quite a good fit. The lack of compactness is indeed the biggest issue, but sometimes I wonder if worrying about compactness can wait until I’m older. Above all, it repeatedly boils down to the fact that the Z8 just feels right.

Lately, I’ve been exclusively using old lenses. And when it comes to the Nikon Z8, I wasn’t entirely sure if it was the right purchase, but I find myself often thinking it’s a really good camera. Despite its bulkiness and weight, I had doubts about using the Z8 as the base for old lenses, but its shutter speed, lack of distortion, and comfortable grip make me forget about such concerns. While carrying an ND filter could solve the problem, ultimately, it seems like the Z8 is the more convenient choice. Its versatility is truly remarkable. I still believe that buying the Nikon Z8 was the right decision.

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